Saturday, July 18, 2015

5 tips for college Genius

The University is an institution that offers a variety of experiences: either learning, fun and entertainment, independence and responsibility ... To help you make the most of the genius of world physics, Stephen Hawking, you 5 tips about .
The University is a great educational opportunity for knowledge should further implement when entering the labor market and to grow in your career. However, it is much more than that. So says one of the leading scientists of this century, is a theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and British science writer Stephen Hawking. We bring you 5 tips to maximize these four years:

5 tips for college Genius

1. Find something hopeful and stick HIM
Stephen Hawking suffers from a severe degenerative disease related to catastrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which has worsened over time and led him to the brink of total paralysis, forcing him to communicate through a voice generating apparatus. However, the British physicist managed to find positive things in their illness: no need to attend school or engage in meetings but can completely caboose their investigations.

 2. FUN
Life is too short to be thoughtful, it is suitable that joke, you do tricks on friends and colleagues and tell jokes, however bad they may be. Life is fleeting and we must take full advantage.

Accepts the simple, look no intricate ways to work or find resolutions to problems. After all, simplicity is key. Thinks in pictures and words associated analogies and diagrams, a new and dynamic learning. Hawking books depart from that simplicity to help all stakeholders, who are novice to understand the physical and incorporate.

At the University we all want to form links and Islamist's, so try to appear interesting or cool, but Hawking warns this attitude as an error. Too much effort to make you feel around you is boring and not worthwhile to pursue it, because after all you guides for others and not for who you really are. Find activities that you find interesting and takes life to do what you want.

 5. Do not invest too much effort in the subjects

Constantly we hear that the University requires a lot of dedication and time on each of the subjects, spending days and nights studying. However, Hawking attend all classes is foolish. He spent only an hour a day studying at the University of Oxford.


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